Our dream is to create a village community where orphaned and vulnerable children can find loving family homes, attend school and have access to quality health care. Our desire is that Faith Village is a place where children of all ages experience love, freedom, safety, and purpose, thus giving them a springboard into a bright future.


The strategy for this incredible development is a phased approach. It’ll start off with a safe house that provides immediate safety and care to vulnerable children. We will also implement key interventions under the guidance and best-practice recommendations of social workers, to ensure that children who return to their communities can re-integrate and not face the abuse they may have suffered before. 

In phase two and after, we will build housing facilities, a school, and a fully functional health clinic, as well as offer psycho-social assistance from professionals where necessary.


At this stage, we are sourcing land on which to build the Village. Part of the dream is to offer sports facilities in order to aid the physical development of the children living in the Village, so we need a lot of space! Let’s not beat around the bush – these initiatives need funds to become a reality. They also need hands, feet, transport, and time, in order to thrive. If you’ve got any of the above to offer, we’d love to have you onboard. 

It is our mandate that Faith Village has several self-sustaining initiatives that help fund the project. These include (but are not limited to) a golf driving range, a barista training academy, a sewing, and dress-making academy, and a toilet paper warehouse and distributor. If you’d like to offer your assistance to any of these, please contact us.